Beyond Autobiography- Under the Sign of Destruction: the First-Person Narrator in Alia Momadouh's novel Naphtalene


Why Alia Mamdouh's latest novel is her most personal to date: 'Some characters infect us like scarlet fever’

Will February Bring Literary Goodness

365 Books by Women Authors to Celebrate International Women’s Day All Year

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Iraqi wins literary award

New Fiction: An Excerpt from Alia Mamdouh’s IPAF-longlisted ‘The Tank’

Literary Autobiography and Arab National Struggles

Young and Restless in Baghdad

Mamdouh, Alia 1944

The Arab translator as hero

Naphtalene: A Novel of Baghdad, by Alia Mamdouh


Problems and Prospects for Publishing in the West: Arab Women Writers Today

Alia Mamdouh. Naphtalene: A Novel of Baghdad

Arab Literature, In Review: “The Bride of Amman” by Fadi Zaghmout

The Arab translator as hero

Arab Literature, In Review: “The Bride of Amman” by Fadi Zaghmout

Arab women writers pick their favorite Arab women writers

New Texts Out Now: Abir Hamdar, The Female Suffering Body: Illness and Disability in Modern Arabic Literature

NAPHTALENE ... A Novel of Baghdad


Staff in the Department of Arabic


Emirates Airline Festival of Literature reveals author line-up

Women in Violence and War in Selected Works by Virginia Woolf and Alia Mamdouh

Publishing in the West: Problems and Prospects for Arab Women Writers

Challenges Facing Arab Women Writers

Three Percent Review

Alia Mamdouh

Alia Mamdouh’s Naphtalene

The Loved Ones

Curriculum Vitae

Arabic literature finds an audience in Europe

Survival and bonding

Echoes of Baghdad

Al Tashahi...Sheren Abou El Naga
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Under the Naked sky...Presence of the Absent Man...Denys Johnson-Davies
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Foreword...Helen Cixous
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Baghdad: These Cities Dying in Our Arms
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Women Writers of the Arab World...Sally Bland
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Flaring defiance
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Echoes of baghdad
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Washington post...Young and Restless in Baghdad
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Naphtalene: a Novel of Baghdad...Peter Theraux, trans
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Friends in Need

Jordan Times : A childhood framed in fear

Thoughts in Exile
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The Loved Ones

Translating is the key
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